Mini Course Generator provides several ways to end a mini-course, some specialized for specific purposes. These are Score card, Conditional card and Sertifier card, respectively. They can be found under the Completion menu.


You can find the details about how to add and customize completion cards, below.

How to use Score cards?

When to use score cards? If you have quiz questions in your mini-course and you want to show user's performance upon completion, you can use score cards.

For example, if you need to bring up a message like "You answered 3 out of 5 questions correctly." as the final card, this is for you!

How to create and edit score cards? Watch the video below for detailed information.

Is it possible to customize score cards? The answer is yes. You can change the message and add images/videos/PDFs/iframe HTML codes just as you do in a typical content card. Watch the video tutorial below.

Do you need a different formula to calculate the score? It is possible.

How to create your own formula in a score card? To customize your score calculation formula, you can use the following variables in the editor.

{{Correct_Answers}}: Returns the number of correct answers.

{{Wrong_Answers}}: Returns the number of wrong answers.

{{Quiz_Questions}}: Returns the number of answerable questions.

{{Card_Count}}: Returns the number of all cards.

{{Total}}: Correct_Answers + Survey_Answers + Info_View

For Math Calculations: You can create your own formula with variables in square brackets.

For example, an accuracy ratio calculation:

[[{{Correct_Answers}} / {{Quiz_Questions}}] * 100]%

How to use Conditional cards?

When to use conditional cards? If you have included a quiz in your mini-course and you want to end your mini-course with a message depending on user's performance, conditional card is for you.

Conditional cards help you filter and segment your audience with different communication needs. For example, you can personalize your messages for those who answered all the questions correctly and show another message to the rest of the group using conditional cards.

How to add conditional cards and customize the conditions? Watch the video below for detailed information.

Depending on your need, you can add as many conditions as necessary and customize each message/image/CTA.

How to use Sertifier cards?

When to use Sertifier card? If you want a certification at the end of your mini-course, you can do it via Sertifier integration. Sertifier is a tool to send digital certificates and badges to be shared on social media. You can learn more about Sertifier here.

We released a native integration so that you can connect your Sertifier account directly to Mini Course Generator to send certificates with the completions of mini-courses.

How to do Sertifier Integration? Watch the video below for detailed information.

Note: If none of the above works for you and you just want to eliminate the "next" button and the "congrats" animation at the end, you can add a Score card. Then, clear the default text and create your own content in the way you want your final page to be.

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